01. Who's Creator/Owner of Gramhoot?

My name is Abhishek Luthra, I'm 17 years old, student and developer, i love doing things that never happened before. facing challenges, My hobbies are playing football, romantic walk around beach, developing unique things and My favourite singer is Enrique Iglesias.

02. Any special reason behind doing this site?

Just to keep people happy, there's nothing special then spreading smiles all around.

03. Who inspired you to do this site?

Peoples who don't get likes, Kevin and Mark.

04. Did you faced problem while doing it??

There is like millions ;P

05. Will Gramhoot shut down ever?

It'll work forever :D

06. What is your instagram?

I don't have instagram Anymore, There's so many Fake accounts on my name (ALL peoples are fake).

07. What is your Kik?

My kik is - Sweet_Abhi

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